Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks to the Folks at Grove Winery.....

....for a great time out in Gibsonville. Lots of interesting people met and friends made. What else could one want from life? The demos went well with lots of people stopping by to look and talk. Made some copper objects and rings and gave away a few. Hope this instilled an appreciation in our metalworking endeavors and maybe inspired a few to try it. See you at Arts In the Arboretum next month.

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painter girl said...

Hey Ed,
How are you?
Just sent off my application for the crafts shows at the farmers market. Hopefully, I'll make it in and see you there.
I was thinking that you should take some of your pieces to the Marshall Gallery. When I was there last I told them about your work but especially about your wonderful prayer bowls and they seemed excited and interested.
Hope everything is good with ya'll.