Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Enameling Furnace

This is the furnace I use for my enameling. It uses 120 volts and has a great programmable control. I would recommend it for metal clay and enamels. Another good furnace would be the low cost electric chamber furnace from Thompson enamels which would have worked for me except for the height of 4 inches. The good thing about The low cost furnace is that it has replaceable elements where the Paragon model the element alone cannot be replaced. Twhole fire box must be replaced if the element goes. One thing about the low cost option, and I found to be generally true about most of the lower cost versions, is that they don't come with a pyrometer or control to keep the furnace at temperature. That control is almost as much as the furnace. So in the end, I felt the best deal going for me at the time was with the Paragon. It's certainly more versatle being able to program it's use for metal clay, glass and other things (which I probably won't use) but the controls were simple to use. One thing you might consider, is having an outlet especially for this one piece of equipment. It's not completely necessary but they do recommend no other large current drawing appliances on the circuit at the same time.

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