Friday, February 13, 2015

Salsa, Salsa, Salsa

Since July one of my favorite pastimes has been learning the Salsa Dance. What a trip this has been. From walking into Artistika Nightclub cold for free lessons to today its been a fun filled journey. Good music and new friends make the dance fun and great exercise, too. When I walked into Artistika that Saturday night I had no idea what it would be all about, but was determined to go through with a lesson to see. Raul was teaching that night and put us all to ease very quickly with just six steps. Piece of cake. What? We turn too? Ok well a little harder. What? Turn the other direction and keep the same six counts so it got a little more complicated but I hung in there because a gorgeous girl named Wendy was doing the lessons and if I stayed eventually I would "dance" with her. Wendy dances Salsa like it isn't even a dance, its a statement. And when it came around my turn to dance with her I could hardly remember the steps, much less the turns. She was very gracious and kind though and this went a long way to making the first Salsa lesson fun. At the end of the lesson Wendy gave me a revelation that would change my quest for learning Salsa. More later....

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