Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Renovation

Here's the results of almost six weeks of work here at the house. After searching for a nw home we decided to do some major renovations here instead. We didn't need extra square footage but to carry us through our retirement years (thinking positively) we need to so some updating of things here. We've moved out completely as you can see. The sub flooring particle board was removed and replaced with 5/8 plywood to give a more substantial base to the Virginia White oak flooring. This will extend through both levels except in the two upstairs bathrooms where tile floors will be installed. The kitchen was removed and will be beyond the left arch in the first photo. The second shot looking from the back to the front shows the two windows where the kitchebn was and where the new dining room will be. This is taken from in front of the stairs looking accross the living room area, through the kitchen, and into the dining.
The third shot shows the new mater bath arrangement with closet doors seperating it from the bedroom. The last shot shows the trailer and necessart porta john. Yippee.
So there is is at the present. When the heating is installed we'll be sheetrocking and it will start looking more like a house.

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foutfolk said...

Yeah for you. Staying in the same place has A LOT of benefits! I have had to learn the area three years in a row. Your work looks great so far. I can't wait to see the developments to come.