Monday, January 12, 2009

"One-Man Movement"

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A One-Man Movement
Cary Grant Set a Pace for On-Screen Grace That's Left His Followers Mostly in the Dust
This article is so right on about Cary Grant in particularly but older movies in general. It speaks to a time when special effects didn't dominate the stories but rather the characters themselves. I saw a little bit of this when Sarah and I saw "Gran Torino" this weekend. Of course, even in his "spaghetti westerns", Clint Eastwood relied on his movements and especially his facial expressions to convey emotion in the story. Check out the scene where he's sitting on his front porch and spits his chew while looking at the grandmother and she then tops him by spitting a bigger chew. that said, as the article which my daughter talked about on her Facebook, says, Cary Grant was the master in this. And, I think Alfred Hitchcock as director helped.

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